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Credibility in Agility

I haven’t had much to say lately, having been busy with smoothing out my agility ring to perfection. If you know the Texas Hill Country, you understand the battle with ROCKS. Anyway, this morning while I was once again dreaming of the perfect surface, scraping rocks off the ledge, I had some thoughts that have […]


First Agility Seminar Success

That’s My Super Dog hosted our first seminar taught by Courtney Keys. Don’t Get Lost – Find Your Way on Course was a wonderful subject for our first. The idea was initially generated by a Facebook discussion on why people write on their maps. Since I have a pretty thorough process of writing on the course […]


Becoming an Agility Coach

Interview with Dave Grems. I met Dave Grems at my baby dog’s first agility trial. He made an impression on me by being kind and generous with Emma, taking the time to give her treats to ease her nervousness. After a few years now, I’ve gotten to know him better as an instructor and a friend. He continues […]


Hit the Ground Running

Interview with Joy Mercier.    Now that things have calmed down from their big journey, Joy has taken a bit of time to fill us in on what it was like to compete at her first international competition in the Netherlands. I’ve included questions about how a big trial is run and how she felt about her […]


Flying High with Chiqui

Interview with Joy Mercier.  It was so exciting to hear about Joy Mercier’s trip to the Netherlands for her first International competition. She graciously allowed me to pick her brain on everything from preparation for flying with her dog, Chiquita, to how she felt about the competition. Because she has so much valuable information to share, […]

Welcome the New Agility Competitor

There’s a First Time for Everything You enter the large area full of busy people that you don’t know. You’ve never been there before and don’t know where to go. Your dog feels your energy and starts to bark, which only heightens your own anxiety. Your chair and stuff start to get heavy so you scan the arena […]


Joy to the IFCS World Team

Interview with Joy Mercier You start out training and competing in agility for fun. But oftentimes dreams of competing at a higher level sneak up on you.  If  it does, how do you achieve that goal? How might it affect the way you handle your dog? How do you manage the new stress level? What steps […]


Running with Heart

Interview with Shawn Cossart.  Austin, TX area dog agility trainer, Shawn Cossart, was teaching classes in dog behavior when she first became interested in agility. Since starting her journey she’s grown to be a top local trainer and local agility event planner. With classes, seminars and events, HOT Dog Sports is one of the leading […]

USDAA Gamblers

What’s in a Game? That which we call Gamblers would be just as fun. Games or non-standard runs can be really fun, but not if you don’t understand how they work. This unclear feeling when entering or running games can make some feel frustrated.  In my effort to further my own understanding, I’ll try to help YOU understand them […]

Steeplechase – What’s the rush?

I’m a novice handler, why would I want to enter a steeplechase competition? Good question. Maybe you strive to progress and move forward in your training? Maybe you want to know what it feels like to run a more advanced course? If you want a chance to test your abilities, Steeplechase Tournaments are a good […]


Mental Management® Coach, Heather Sumlin

Mental Management® Coach Heather Sumlin takes a moment to answer some questions about her journey and share some personal challenges. She has been coaching since 2010 and plans to offer some specific help for agility and dog sport competitors in the coming months. Read the interview below as she offers insight on making your mental training […]