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My Perfect Agility Dog?

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What does it take, you ask yourself? More practice, more training, more videos, seminars, equipment? Which aspect of agility training are you missing right now in order to boost your skills to the next level Computer Mac with Korean? Well, that’s a question only you can ask and answer.

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Speed and Motivation Up and Running


Starting out, Courtney demonstrated, then directed while each of us worked through an exercise that helps motivate our dog to go faster and ahead. All of our teams grasp the concept quickly Download the world famous songs. Next, we took turns at some obstacle focus exercises and sending our dog ahead when you don’t have a helper.
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Workshop Going the Right Way

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We started off applying our clicker skills from last week’s lesson. This week, we focused on how to shape a behavior to go in the desired direction Another temple download of knowledge. Each of us had something different that we needed out of the lesson and Courtney gave us all lots of individual attention to help set us up for success Download the end-of-the-window movie.
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Have Fun with your Dogs

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Interview with Silvia Trkman World renowned Dog Agility Champion and Coach, Silvia Trkman shares some of her thoughts on how she’s achieved success in competition with her dogs 커피가 식기전에. As a young girl, training dogs was something she explored in a time that positive reinforcement was not commonly understood. She continues to find new ways to train while having fun and […]

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