Today’s Directionals Workshop was fantastic.


We started off applying our clicker skills from last week’s lesson. This week, we focused on how to shape a behavior to go in the desired direction. Each of us had something different that we needed out of the lesson and Courtney gave us all lots of individual attention to help set us up for success.

It’s always so exciting to put new tools in my training toolbox.

Everyone did an excellent job of working hard to apply their clicker training skills to the direction they wanted to go.

We ended the workshop with each of us working on specific skills: Emma and I worked on our backside command, Dominique worked on weave pole entry’s, Lance/Magic and Melody/Ghillie also worked on their backside commands. It was really nice to see how some small improvement in our training method could make such a huge difference in everyone’s desired goal.

Check out some photos below. Looking forward to next week’s Speed and Motivation.