Introducing Jubilique

Jubilee, as we call her, or Jubi for short, is a registered Arabian mare from the Al Marah/Cass Ole (The Black Stallion horse actor) line. These are a very well known line of famous Arabian horses characterized for their mild-mannered easygoing temperament. More information here.

She is a beautiful, dark bay, Arabian type, small build, well mannered, respectful, same horse every time. She’s always been careful with me and other small animals. Not reactive. 19-year-old healthy mare. I’ve had her since 2008. If anyone knows someone looking, please contact me Stephanie Morgan or call/text 830-392-6227

She’s been ridden at the beach, in the hill country, and on many different trail conditions. She’s a safe, steady mare who doesn’t mind being at the rear of the pack or left behind. Very well mannered, calm. Stands still for mounting, trailers easily, ties calmly, behaves for hoof care, healthy. Sensitive and wants to please.

If you like to go SLOW and want a beautiful, sweet horse, this is your girl. We love Jubi and want her to go to the best, perfectly matched home. Someone who will be kind and love her like we do. She has been barefoot for her whole time with us and from before when she was owned by Darolyn Butler who is a well-known Endurance rider in the Houston Texas area. She kept her barefoot as well. She sees Marcia Herman, an Austin, Texas barefoot specialist every 5 weeks. No health problems.  No lameness. I feed only oats and coastal Bermuda hay.

In the winter she has a nice thick soft winter coat and in the spring sheds to a soft and shiny with beautiful dapples. Long mane and tail.

I’ll be taking videos soon, so if you have something specific you’d like to see, let me know. I’ll be riding, trailering, lunging to demonstrate her general behavior and good manners.

I’m asking $3000 but would negotiate for the right home.

I’ve also got an aluminum 2 horse Hart slant load trailer with new tires. English saddles, some endurance gear and a treeless sadle.

Thanks for taking the time to read and or pass along to an interested party.

Contact me Stephanie Morgan or call/text 830-392-6227

Contact Stephanie Morgan or call/text 830-392-6227