Dog Agility

What is Agility?

Dog Agility is the sport of dog and handler navigating a course with obstacles of varying shapes, sizes and challenges. The team is judged on accuracy & speed. Scores are compared and each group of dogs typically has a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner along with a “Q” or Qualification. Each organization has different rules, but the premise is the same for each. Run as a team as accurately and quickly as possible.

Within Agility there are many ways to WIN

Some organizations allow for placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd) even if the run doesn’t meet the qualification standards (Q). Other groups you can only place if you’ve Qualified. Once you  have enough qualifying runs, you will be able to move up in level of difficulty. Each organization has different kinds of courses and each club has differences too.

Understanding the lingo

When I first started, I didn’t understand any of the lingo. I didn’t know a class from a trial, a club from an organization. I had a hard time filling out entry forms. All the rules are different and the runs have different names.
It’s my hope that I can list out some of the things that were confusing to ME during the new phase so that others might have an easier time. I am still learning too, so will post everything I learn.

Thanks for supporting me on my journey, hopefully I can help someone else along the way.