Rainy Day Indoor Training

Its raining, it’s pouring
the wet day is boring
We went to train and we slipped on a- frame
and we couldn’t train agility anymore now…

Ok, I know that’s pitiful 악성 코드 샘플.  Around here in Central Texas, you dare not complain about rain. You might not get any for quite a while then all your grass dies!

So, what do you do 서커스 매직 유랑단? What can you do? Believe it or not, many beginning training exercises can be accomplished in a small indoor space.

Here’s a list of things I’ve worked on inside that support elements of agility training Download Windows 8 Korean language pack.

  • Basic obedience, Sit, Stay, Come, Tricks
  • Putting back feet on a small board to reinforce contact obstacles
  • Nose touches
  • Rear cross introduction, turning the head when you are behind and move right or left
  • Teeter board play time
  • I had a small plastic set of portable weaves I used inside, in the hallway
  • One jump exercises, begin training “around”, “push”, “backside” another world 다운로드.
  • Impulse control, waiting for release for treats/toys
  • Start line stay exercises

These are just a few examples, be creative Axe! What tiny element of your agility work needs refinement? I bet you can turn that into an indoor exercise that can be fun for a rainy day. Add a great reward and your dog will love Rainy day Monday’s that never get you down Angel Girl Neti!

Ok, I promise I’ll stop with the song remixes!

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