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Your First Agility Competition

Looking around at your first competition, it's hard to believe anyone there now was ever there for the first time. Some have been there so long they've forgotten what it's like to feel new ...
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Steeplechase – What’s the rush?

I'm a novice handler, why would I want to enter a steeplechase competition? Good question. Maybe you strive to progress and move forward in your training? Maybe you want to know what it feels ...
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Photo by Stephanie Lifton

Becoming an Agility Coach

Interview with Dave Grems. I met Dave Grems at my baby dog's first agility trial. He made an impression on me by being kind and generous with Emma, taking the time to give her ...
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First Agility Seminar Success

That's My Super Dog hosted our first seminar taught by Courtney Keys. Don't Get Lost - Find Your Way on Course was a wonderful subject for our first. The idea was initially generated by ...
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