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Your First Agility Competition

Looking around at your first competition, it's hard to believe anyone there now was ever there for the first time. Some have been there so long they've forgotten what it's like to feel new ...
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Photo by Stephanie Lifton

Becoming an Agility Coach

Interview with Dave Grems. I met Dave Grems at my baby dog's first agility trial. He made an impression on me by being kind and generous with Emma, taking the time to give her ...
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Yeah, success feels good

First Directionals Workshop Going the Right Way

Today's Directionals Workshop was fantastic. We started off applying our clicker skills from last week's lesson. This week, we focused on how to shape a behavior to go in the desired direction. Each of ...
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Things Trainers & Students would like to Say but Don’t

Trainers would like to tell their Students Demonstrate proper class etiquette. In addition to helping your instructor, you also set a good example for any new students that might attend. They may seem mundane ...
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